Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I reiterate my previous offer to sell my children to any marauding Visigoth war bands. Or Vikings. Gypsies are so last year.

It started the moment Kayleigh got home from school (2-hour early dismissal), when she and Tyler just locked horns out of nowhere and would not stop baiting and provoking each other. It ended with Kayleigh sobbing on the couch and Tyler doing his emo fuming thing. Then off to counseling, then still more drama with Tyler, which resulted in his removal to Uncle Gavin's house. A quiet evening with Kayleigh doing her school report on Helen Keller and me venting to a few friends on the phone. Just before bedtime, a very contrite Tyler was delivered home.

I was supposed to work on the Gigi script yesterday, but with early dismissal for Kayleigh paving the way for early chaos at home, it didn't get touched. Today, I swear. And I'm gonna reward myself by letting a friend take me to dinner and let the kids have some grandma time with Katherine.

So there.

* * *

And from the "hmmmm" pile:

Ever notice how the opening riff from Nirvana's "Come As You Are" is exactly the same as Killing Joke's "Eighties"? Apparently there was litigation.


Anonymous said...

Well, let's just hope this in NO indication of what Summer's bringing to your house! :)
We have days like that too, days where I wonder if they even realize how much they will mean to one another in the future, days when it feels like One Kiddo + Another Kiddo = TNT, days where I want to lock them all in their rooms for the next bazillion years or myself in a closet...and then we'll have a day that redeems it all.
Congrats on keeping on keeping on and doing such a great job of it :)

Ali said...

Visigoths sound cool to me. Gypsies are considered cool by my daughter, so yeah, bring on the Visigoths!