Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Skin that Smokewagon

"Skin that smokewagon and see what happens..." - Kurt Russell, Tombstone

If you read the comments about two posts down, you'll see a friendly jousting match between myself and Dan Heinrich. Apparently my hyperbolic comment about the film Tombstone as "one of the best American movies ever made" tripped something in his brain, and he brought some cinema fu on my ass. He thinks he won by getting a qualifier, I think I won by proving my superior westernology - in reality, it's probably a draw. Get it? A draw. Because they're cowboys. With guns.

The exchange is an entertaining capsule of what film geeks do. Given what I know of other circles of geekery (whether it be football, NASCAR or knitting), it's really no different.

And although I will concede my original hyperbole (having qualified it as "one of the best American WESTERNS"), I will still say this: Kane, Waterfront, Godfather... they may be technically superior films - and I love them, but I'm a lot more likely to pop Tombstone in the DVD player on a given night. And its production design belongs up there with the greats.

Where we seem to agree is on the gem that is Silverado, but that's tons of fun because of a great cast doing a witty (and completely anachronistic) script, written and directed by Larry Kasdan. For popcorn western fun, Silverado, hands down. For historically accurate western drama, it's still Tombstone.

Don't get me started on film noir or swashbucklers...


Raechelle said...

Love, love, LOVE Tombstone. But you knew that already.

"Why, Kate. You're not wearing a bustle.....how lewd..."

I heart Doc.

tbone said...

"I have not yet begun to defile myself..."

bobwriter said...

So, Tombstone, eh? Right up there with Alien meets Predator. And speaking of NASCAR, wouldn't Talladega Nights be in that Top Ten Greatest Movies list, at least in North Carolina?
BTW, I saw video on Youtube of your capo and tuner in errrr...scandalous poses with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome in Cahoots, Texas. Very sordid I must say.

tbone said...

Bob, are you *seriously* comparing Tombstone with AvP? Dude, I need my crack pipe back - you've clearly had it too long...

Thanks for catching my capo and tuner in flagrante delicto. I've put a warrant out for their arrests.

Good lord, my blog has become the hookah pipe of the internet.

Dan Heinrich said...

Hmmm.... still wondering how getting you to concede that it is not in fact one of the greatest American films ever is a draw, but what the hell.... Like this bobwriter guy. Good to bring up Talladega Nights cause the Ricky Bobby quote about Highlander winning the Oscar "for being the best movie EVER!" sounds reall familiar.

tbone said...

But... but Highlander IS the bes-- aww forget it.

Like I said, hookah pipe of the internet.