Friday, May 23, 2008

Script Doctor

Busted my butt yesterday to crank out a draft of the short we're doing with Gigi, handed it off feeling pretty good about where it stood. There's always a balancing act between the notes which contain the full spectrum of emotional experience and a script, which should only convey that which is visible or audible. I'm finding my college Screenwriting 101 coming in very handy right now.

Went up to Ballard, dropped the kids off at Katherine's to get some early season swimming in, and went to dinner at Señor Moose, a little authentic Mexican café that features a gluten-free menu. The food was amazing, and I must say the scenery was exquisite. Had some sangria and enchiladas de la plaza. Took home half for lunch today.

Came home to an inbox full of script notes, which I'm sorting through today, between sorting out some financials and cleaning my house for movie night. I think Life of Brian is on tap.

Memorial Day Weekend is here. Plan to catch a couple of movies in release: The Visitor (which Dan Heinrich raved about) and of course, taking the kids to Indy. Karen Allen is back, which is a big reason I'm going - Marion Ravenswood is a great character and easily the best Indy girl ever. And THAT'S not hyperbole. She was the only female character in the series to equal Indiana Jones in courage and, dare I say, moxie.

Have a great long weekend! I'll leave you with this...

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Lucy Leadskin said...

1 - Glad you had a good time!

2 - That Indy theme is FAB. The singer's pretty dang good. :)