Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kids For Sale

What is it about some days and siblings?? It's like they can't possibly be in the same room together, and yet they wail and gnash their teeth if I dare separate them. Tyler was nipping at my heels all day pretty solidly, and once his sister got home, it was a one-way ticket to Crazytown. At one point, I just kicked them out of the top floor of the house - take that energy downstairs or face the Wrath of Dad. And when Dad gets serious and starts talking really quiety, you KNOW he means business.

I finally got to sleep about Midnight, and was promptly awakened by Kayleigh at 4AM. Got her back to bed, and just as I was drifting off, I was awakened by the sound of Wiley scuffling about on the downstairs floor (he's usually asleep in Tyler's room at 4:30AM). Wiley being the Harbinger of Short Sticky People, I was not at all surprised to hear Tyler upstairs, banging around in the kitchen.

Some parents might go all gooshy when recalling their kids' tween years, but honestly from where I'm standing, I won't miss this phase. I don't know how other single parents do this. Sometimes it just feels like I'm totally in over my head. Add into this the whole WAVA admissions disaster and the painfully slow process of admissions at other local schools, and I'm about ready to go find those Visigoths.

I had a great coffee date with the singer of a local band on Sunday. Ordinary Angels is in the home stretch for post. We've booked the screening. D Constructed Media continues to evolve. Got the rough mix of Devil's Lullaby from Brian, including Steven's live drums. I sent it to Randy and I think it freaked him out a little. "This is weird," he said. "You've never had live drums before." Well, yeah. Live drums are gonna make it all a lot more organic sounding.

Excuse me - I'm about to be attacked by a vicious nap.


Ali said...

Tween does not equal fun in my world either.

Glad the coffee date went well.

I think I missed something on WAVA. What went wrong there?


Jess said...

Have you thought about home/unschooling?

tbone said...

Ali, we were about to start the WAVA curriculum, but at the last second, the school district which hosts WAVA decided Tyler had not been properly exited from his special ed program at Pathfinder, and therefore they declined him for enrollment.

Meanwhile, the Seattle school district maintains he WAS exited properly, and unenrolled him from the public school system before he could begin his WAVA curriculum. So while the legal departments for the two districts hash it out, Tyler is a man without a country. Hence, the alternative private school that is about 6 blocks away from us, and where he and Kayleigh attended preschool.

Jess, I did think about home schooling, but because my work schedule is in such flux, it would not be a feasible solution.

Jess said...

that's too bad. part of the reason we went to homeschool was because I hated dealing with the school administration :)
hope it all works out well!