Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day

...or rather, "ice day". With the wind-chill hitting -15F in some areas, Seattle has become a giant ice rink. All the schools were closed today, so the kids and I walked down to Big 5 to stock up on the winter gear we hadn't replaced yet - hats & gloves, mostly. Then we sat in the Starbucks cafe in Barnes & Noble and had warm drinks before heading home.

Tyler is trying to get his writing placement essay for WAVA done, but is being resistant. Kayleigh is working through her homework packet for the week.

I noticed my buddy Beach put his old college film up. I always thought Tube was a brilliant premise for a short, and I think he executed it well. We were all in the DeAnza film department at the time, Beach, myself, Mark Holmes (now of Pixar) and Rob Wilson, and we often pooled talent and resources, and our time in the editing suites. The guys in the waiting room are Pat Goddard and Edward Havens (nice appearance on Attack of the Show last night, Ed!). The dude in the scrubs is Randy Rhodes, aka Dick Hollywood. I edited the video you see playing on the television during the "mating" sequence (and no, the couple is not from a porno, the segment was from a daytime soap). I'm glad Beach updated the titles and soundtrack, but I kinda miss the old Ryuichi Sakamoto music he had originally.

Maybe someday soon I will post the animated shorts Steve & I worked on at Hyperbole back during the dot com boom. Those were pretty entertaining too.


Anonymous said...

I was just in Seattle for vacation... And while your post indicates you aren't thrilled with the weather, I have to say I'm jealous! :)

tbone said...

Why wouldn't I be thrilled? :) I love hanging out with my kids in our cozy house.

I love the fact that we have seasons here.

SWGfo2K said...


At least you're getting the benefit of snow. All we've been getting is flurries off the mountain here in Reno, though the view is georgeous, I think I'd prefer the snow to justify the cold!

beach said...

hey! thanks for the link. That was fun huh?

I tried to find a copy of the ryuichi sakamoto track, but no luck.

My problem with it was that it had to be restarted in the middle of the piece which kept reminding me how long the thing got.

If i found the original i would have done something different with the music. I like this new piece by the orb too though.