Thursday, November 23, 2006


Although I usually mark certain American holidays (Columbus Day, for example) with mourning for our indigenous peoples, Thanksgiving has always meant more to me as a general coming together of friends and family.

So what would a guy like me be thankful for, given the events of the past couple years?

  • I have two beautiful, intelligent children, whom I love dearly, and who love me.
  • I have a wonderful, close and supportive family.
  • I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for - close friends, who are much more like family.
  • I have a roof over my head - a completely rebuilt home.
  • I've completed my two creative goals for the year - direct The Dining Room and shoot Ordinary Angels.
  • Those projects brought new creative opportunities and friendships.
  • I have kept Sam's memory alive in my art and my associations.
  • I'm in pretty good health, all things considered.

I wish everyone a fantastic holiday. Hopefully with people you love.

Be well.


Mack said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Todd. Good luck in the new year and with all of your pursuits.

Vedova Donna said...

My heart warms.

Ali said...

Well deserved pats on the back to you Todd for continuing to strive. It's great to have so much to be thankful for, and a blessing to be able to acknowledge that.


for tomorrow said...

you my heart ... you my soul ...

I`ve kissed the moon a million times
Danced with angels in the sky
I`ve seen snowfall in the summertime
Felt the healing of the powers above

I`ve seen the world from the highest mountain
Tasted love from the purest fountain
I`ve seen lips that spark desire
Felt the butterflies a hundred times

I`ve even seen miracles
I`ve felt the pain disappear
But still haven`t seen anything
That amazes me quite like you do

You bring me up when I`m` feeling down
You touch me deep you touch me right
You do the things I`ve never done
You make me wicked you make me wild
`Cause baby, you`re my #1

I`ve sailed in a perfect dream
I`ve seen the sun make love to the sea
I`ve kissed the moon a million times
Danced with angels in the sky