Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Iceman Cometh

It's another chilly one today - and all Seattle schools are closed once again. In all the normal craziness of yesterday, I totally forgot to mention that my grandfather turned 90. We called and sang to him, and he talked about the new furnace he and my grandmother were having installed. That's right - they live in Bellingham, WA and had no heat for some of the coldest days ever. We're supposed to get some more snow this afternoon, followed by rain tonight, which should kill the cold snap just a bit.

I'm going to see poet David Whyte again this Friday with my brother & stepmom. Looking forward to that.

Other than that and finishing up the books on the production part of Ordinary Angels, life is mostly back to a semblance of whatever pitiful excuse for normal we usually cling to. Now I just need to edit the DVDs for the summer musical, and one for The Dining Room.


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