Friday, December 01, 2006


That's right. Fifty.

After weeks of negotiating with the RestorX manager who worked on my case, I thought we'd hit on a workable deal. They would drop off 10 or 20 boxes a week for a couple weeks, making the sort-through a managable affair. So imagine my surprise when the truck arrived fully loaded with everything from the flood AND fire. Everything. While I'm quite happy to see how many photos and videotapes survived, there are unfortunately several issues at work here:

  1. I don't have room to store fifty boxes inside with any semblance of organization, and my carport is open the the elements and leaks, so there is now a maze of cardboard, floor-to-ceiling in my downstairs hallway and my bedroom.
  2. All of that old energy is now sitting back in my home.
  3. A lot of this stuff is Sam's, and I was not prepared to deal with those memories and the attached emotions right now, all at once.
  4. Some of this stuff is fire or flood damaged and had been written off, yet they are giving it back to me anyway, so I now have the task of throwing it out. Thanks, RestorX.
  5. A roll of toilet paper?? A year-old 1/4 full bottle of lotion?? Yuck. Come on. All the toiletries were itemized and claimed. I don't need this crap back.
  6. Most boxes are only packed half full; the rest of the space is taken up by brown packing paper - but here's where it gets fun: sometimes the packing paper is just wadded up to fill space, and SOMETIMES it actually contains something fragile - and I get to do the Easter egg hunt every time to make sure nothing fragile or valuable gets recycled.
  7. They simply HAD to bring me all this stuff right before Christmas, so I have nowhere to store anything else.
Bottom line is, the settlement with RestorX's insurance carrier is still open, and it will not be closed before my family and I are compensated for the trauma of having our home burn, losing our family cat, any dump runs I have to make because of this garbage coming back, and my time spent unpacking.

Sorry for the rant, but it was a rude awakening. I made it through about 10 boxes yesterday, tossing out and consolidating.

Only forty more to go.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's pretty lame - I would be upset too...

On an entirely different note, it's so cool to be able to "check in" on you whenever I want (which is often!)...Thanks for keeping me in the know :) T-Bone, you *rock*... SMack!

Bug said...

Ugh.... What a mess. And in that beautiful home of yours. You think they would have enough sense to wait until after the holidays - like you want burned memories right before Chrismas.

So how'd the new furnace work in the ice freeze? Thawing out?

tbone said...

The *electric forced air* furnace works like a charm - heats up in no time. Of course, it helps not having blown newspaper insulation inside plaster-lathe walls anymore!

And, yeah, really not what I needed right before Christmas (or at any time, really).

Anonymous said...

did the case-so-called-manager have any explanation for not sticking to the agreement? how lame. hopefully you will find some unexpected gold in there, right near the end, that will make the negative energy just flow out the door...