Thursday, November 10, 2005

November Kiss

Today's title comes from a track on my latest CD, Impetus - Triskelle. It signifies that magical moment when two awkward teenagers kissed in a suburban driveway and a relationship was born.

I'll keep today's entry short, as the event is too intense to talk about in great detail. I will instead quote from an email to my high school friend, game designer and writer Jason Sinclair:

Today, 21 years ago, Samantha and I had our first kiss in the driveway of my dad's house in Palo Alto. It's these memories that are the hardest - the early parts of our relationship... The learning curve, the experimentation, and much happier, more innocent times. I miss her terribly. It sucks that the loss of my dad is essentially a footnote in all this, but he and I were on good terms, and it's natural for your dad to die before you. There's continuity there. But it's not natural for your 35 year old wife to be diagnosed with cancer and die gasping for her last breath in your arms not three years later.

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