Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rock Me, Amadeus

Well another wonderful Blogger moment and the very carefully crafted post I'd just spent an hour on goes up in a poof of nothingness. I think the term rhymes with "clucking bell".

What I'd said was that today marks 21 years since Sam's and my first date. Two days later, we were together. I don't know how significant that sounds to those outside, but it seems pretty monumental to me, especially since we grew up, went to college, moved two states away and raised a family. You don't often get that from a 16yo boy and a 17yo girl. Once you get past the horny factor, you have to rely on your personalities and interests meshing to a certain degree.

So I thought I'd let Samantha relay the events of that weekend from a 1985 journal entry. The only discrepancies are that she didn't remember the movie (Amadeus) and we didn't go to another movie the following day with Randy and Dave. We went to pizza. She also puts the date of our union as November 10th, which was when we had our first kiss. Subsequently we always celebrated our anniversary as November 11, the day when she came over and we had the following conversation:

Me: So... are we, like, together now?

She: I think so.

Me: Cool.

She: If you want to be...

Me: Yeah, no, that's totally cool.

She: Great!

And thus the deal was sealed. Ah, young love. Here's how she tells it...

Anyway, on Novemmber 10, Todd Downing and I got together, though I had been wanting to get together with him for weeks. He's 6'4", blonde, blue eyes. A real sweetie. I want to write down all I can remember about that night. Friday night, November 9, Todd and I went to a movie at Old Mill. I can't remember what movie we saw. Anyway, we were early so we went to get ice cream at Cecil's. After the movie we went to Lyon's for hot chocolate. We talked a lot about a lot of things. Mostly life and psychic-ness.

The next day I was going to help him move into his new house (he's 16, it's more like his parents' house) and meet his two old friends Randy and David. Well, we all went to see a movie together and when we got back, we went inside for awhile. Todd walked me out to my car. He hugged me and I said, "I think I'm falling in love with you." It took so much courage to say that. I was afraid he would be scared off. He just held me for a minute, then he said something to the effect of, "I thought so." He was glad too, I think, that I said it. I knew I had to 'cuz he wasn't going to. Someone had to say something!

He gave me three simple, fumbling kisses (neither of us was quite sure what to do, I think) and walked, or floated, to his house. It was wonderful to watch him walk away. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my life.


oren_ishii said...


It's cool that you have Sam's journal...what a cool way of remembering that moment in time.

Hang in there,

LL Cool P said...

That is pretty much the happiest thing I ever read. I love when people have actually saved their childhood or teenage journals!

Ah, Lyons Club. So many memories... xo, LL

tommy said...

Lots of commonalities Todd.
Joyce and I were 16 & 15 respectively when we met in High School.
Our anniversary date was November 30th.

Our first kiss leaned more towards a tackle than a fumble though.
We drove my Dodge Dart (whoohoo!) to the Old Fort after school one day, our first date I suppose, and after chatting for a spell I mustered up the courage to lean over and give her a kiss.
At that point she put both hands on my head, pulled me to her and stuck her long pointy tongue halfway down my throat…ewwww!
So for the next 30 years, I don’t know, something about a hook, line and a sinker.

For other readers, Joyce died of lung cancer 3 ½ years ago.

Now here’s something trippy. I recently took my second love to the same spot and kissed her there also…33 years later.

Thanks for the reminisce

Anonymous said...

The Old Mill?!? Wow, what a lot of memories that brought back! I think this shows me I need to be a lot more detailed in my journals, not in the "what the temp was that day" way but in the details that are more sensory triggers...What a special memory that is for you! I wonder where my high school journals are now...Smack (I SO can't remember my password right now and can't find a "forgot password" icon to help me! Abracadabra wasn't cutting it!!)