Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dark New Day

Thought I'd add these Dark New Day lyrics for your perusal...

Once upon a time I knew everything
When I stop to think back on everything
It all runs away like a memory
Once there was a picture of a happy place
But I always keep thinking
What a great place to leave

I'd trade it all
To have you all here with me

Father when you coming back?
Mother leave the light on again.
Sister with someone somewhere somewhere
Brother Brother Brother


Like a postcard picture fading out to desert winter,
Once an ocean now it leaves me dry
Clouds are separating. Tear apart this life I'm living
I'm gravitated to this brand new light

Is it in me? Am I still in control?
Did it leave me? I look around for a soul
What's come over me? Always waiting for the next wave to wash over,
And Fill Me Again

Will it carry me far enough from all I've suffered?
Will it bridge the gap from there to here?
I wonder if I had it all would I feel there's something missing?
In tomorrow's light it seems so clear

The wind is keeping me from falling forward
Just another crutch to get me through
The wave is coming and it's rising upward
It's going to lift me to meet the blue

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