Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Meaning of Life

Tuesday night was my final family group at Gilda's. I showed Samantha's memorial DVD. There were tears and laughs and hugs. I'm remaining in contact with folks via email, so it's not like we can't associate in the future.

Wednesday was one of those days where it seems like you're super busy, running around like mad, and yet nothing seems to get done. I finally got wise where the laundry is concerned, and mandated that the kids have to start putting loads of their own laundry together if they want their clothes to be washed. And instead of me folding everything and then putting it away in the kids' rooms, they get their own clean, unfolded laundry on their beds. They've also been given real chores to do.

JD had a brilliant idea: to do one of my short film projects, Ordinary Angels, as a one-shot comic for Emerald City next year. Which of course means it will need a script. Yikes.

Had a big Fiddler rehearsal Wednesday night. Caleb's pal Jonas is visiting from Germany, and both of them got stuck into scenes and dance numbers without any warning. Ah, the theater! Afterwards, Caleb, Jonas and Alyssa came over and we watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (mostly for Caleb's benefit - he'd never seen it, poor shlub).

Today is more cleaning and prep to do the taxes from last year. Maybe it'll seem more like stuff got done. Pissed that Samantha's not here to help out - I never took her contribution to our household for granted, but now I'm really feeling her absence in that regard.

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