Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Impetus of Loss

Going through another sleepless phase, which is also the time when I'm at my creative peak. Began writing dialogue to the Ordinary Angels script. Months of inability to write any new material, then - boom - pages and pages. It all just comes pouring out. Thanks to JD for the concept of making Afriel our lead character. It just made total sense. How do you NOT feel sympathy for the Protector of Children? That, and he gets to speak all of my frustration and angst against the universe for the seeming inadequacies of mortal existence. JD and Caleb are collaborating on the comic page breakdowns, going mostly from the treatment. When the film script is done, they can use that for dialogue.

The pic above is a Draper. It depicts the temptation of Ulysses by the sirens.

Had the briefest dream about Samantha as I was waking up this morning. I felt her kiss me on the forehead and whisper "you know I love you" before flying away. I definitely get the sense that she's a busy bee. Came upstairs and watched 21 Grams before the kids awoke. Wow. I really didn't know what the film was about. Sat there with tears running down my face as I watched Naomi Watts' character react to the news that her husband and daughters had been killed. Great script, great performances, amazing direction. Usually I'm not a huge fan of temporally disjointed continuity - too Tarantino-esque. But when it's done really well, like in Memento and 21 Grams, it becomes a scintillating gift to unwrap a piece at a time.

Rehearsals for Fiddler are running along. I still don't know half the music, which will probably make me the least prepared for any show I've ever done. But I still have 3+ weeks.

Andrew will be here 2 weeks from today. Whew. Lots to do. And Ron just now called to meet for coffee. Feels good when friends call me for social visits. Rehearsal tonight, too. Now to hit the Visene and get some more laundry done before 2PM.

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