Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Week

We opened to a half-house crowd on Friday (not bad at all for an opening night), and despite a couple tech glitches, it went pretty well (although not as well as I hoped). Saturday, however, we wowed the second half-house crowd with a near perfect show. Energy was up, the crowd was responsive, the fights got gasps, Helga got laughs...

Today's matinee played to about a 1/3 house (again, better than some matinees we've had). So obviously our marketing efforts are paying off. We even got a nice blurb here.

I'm a bit nervous that we're not having a pick-up rehearsal during the week. But I urged the cast to do some refresher script reading so as not to let the text escape their brainpans.

Just got Tyler's school assignment for high school next year. The one high school I didn't want Tyler to go to. They will be remodeling it for two out of the four years he will be in high school, and for those two years, the students will be put in a run-down crap facility with leaky roofs in a bad part of the neighborhood. I will be seeing to the assignment this week. I didn't even get an enrollment form from the district in the first place, so I'm kinda miffed.

I will be joining a new support group for widdas in the late stages of grief, those who are moving forward with their lives and starting to date again. I'm looking forward to it.

Spring Break for the kids this week, but I still have much layout work on the RADZ book to do. It needs to be ready for Emerald City this year (just over a month away).


Anonymous said...

You all look absolutely fantastic, but I gotta say...Tyler's really filling out and looking GOOD! Like cutie-pie good. Once he washes the eau de spicy-goat off, you're gonna have a serious heartbreaker on your hands.

And yeah, there's a heavy dose of Sam behind those eyes. :)

Diggin' K's cap bigtime. Where can I get me one?

Anonymous said...

In my part of Ohio, we only have one high school and thankfully, it's not overly bad (so far). My 14 yr old will be a freshman next year and we went through all the hoopla of scheduling last month. Boy, they offer things nowadays they certainly didn't when I was in high school (and I'm only 33!)
I think that's a great picture of you and your kiddos :)

Andrew K said...

Looking forward to seeing RADZ at long last! If you need any last minute editorial hijinks performing on it, you know where to find me!

Sorry to hear about Tyler's school tho - not sure how it works with you but over here we have to jump through similar hoops. Hope you sort it tho.

Catch up with you soon.

Bug said...

Holy crap, they're huge!! All grown up, so cool to see. Much agreed with 'creth95' about Tyler being a heartbreaker. Especially if he gets his dad's charisma :) You all look GREAT!

Oh, congrats on all the hard work with the performance too! hehe.