Friday, March 28, 2008


So here we are. We had an open preview/final dress rehearsal last night and there was just enough that didn't go right to reassure me that the run will be good. Funny how that works. Overconfidence is lethal in theater.

My mom and stepdad were down in Seattle for a medical consult at UW and came over to prepare dinner, then attended the preview. That was really nice. A number of Twelfth Night friends showed up to watch the show as well. I hope all the new publicity works out and we have decent houses over the run. We got a nice visit from an SPD officer from the Southwest Precinct (at my invitation) to check over our prop guns and generally exchange introductions. For all the community arts outreach we do, the PD was almost completely unaware of our existence or that anyone was doing theater at Youngstown. I aim to change that. Cops are terrific social resources, and a lot of them go out to support local causes when they're out of uniform. So today I'm dropping off a poster and a stack of postcards at the precinct.

The kids seem to have been hit with another round of flu - great. Just as well it happens today. They're off all next week for Spring Break. Easter was so early this year that it knocked the school calendar out of whack. Usually Spring Break happens on one side of Easter or the other, but this time, there was a full week of school after Easter before Spring Break.

I posted a bunch of photos from the Deathtrap production on my Flickr page. The black & whites were snapped in our rehearsal space, and the color ones were shot by Ron Dugdale on the actual set. I'm quite happy with the set design (thank you Mike Thoreson, and everyone who helped build the thing). Just a few small lighting issues to work out tonight and a couple more weapons to hang on the wall. Enjoy the pics.


Dan Heinrich said...

Cannot tell you how excited I am for tonight. Opening night baby! of course, given the talent you have at your disposal, if it stinks, I know who to blame. (tee hee) Break a leg, my friend.

tbone said...

Yeah, everyone is really good, except that hack, Trish. ;)

See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

I hope opening night went well!!
I hate it when my kiddos are sick. You're right, it's a lousy way to begin Spring Break but at least they won't miss school, assignments, etc.
Mine are just ending their Spring Break and as much as I love having them home and having that extra time with them during the school year, I'm SO ready to go back to our schedules :P
I guess I enjoy my "ruts" too much.
Again, good thoughts for your show!!