Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Well-Timed Requiem

It seems there's been an awful lot of loss and grief going on in my life again, but I'm not going to dwell there. I will mention these items briefly and move onto brighter things.

  1. Michael Litfin died last Friday. Another notch in cancer's belt.
  2. My bro Steve has been in Texas and Denver to be with his parents, both of whom are in failing health.
  3. My bro Caleb has been hit with his dad having lung cancer. Caleb's dad has the same oncologist Sam did. I saw him at a get together at their house this last weekend, and he looked just like Sam and my dad had looked. Ashy gray skin, crispy hair (where it wasn't falling out), and that weary mantle of physical and emotional exhaustion. Caleb's mom would produce expressions I remember making: that "I must be a rock for my family but I'm terrified" look. I recommended Gilda's Club to all three of them. As long as cancer exists, there is no justice.
  4. We all got that neat flu that everyone's been sharing. It's knocked me on my ass for a good week now and I can't sleep worth a damn.
  5. I haven't been to the gym at all this winter. Need to go back. I'm not gaining weight or anything, I'm just not feeling as good as I do when I get a regular workout.
So that's the bad news. Now for some positive stuff:
  1. Tyler made a complete 180-degree turn from the negative patterns he was exhibiting, and has been at school (on time, not just partial days) all this week. He's also been getting better sleep, and he's getting exercise now that they gave him a gym class for the new semester. Who are you and what have you done with my son? I keep expecting to wake up from this lovely dream, but I'm hoping it's real! Positive reinforcement akimbo, and lots less stress in the house.
  2. Kayleigh is taking an after-school drama elective.
  3. As of next week, I'm in Deathtrap rehearsals.
  4. Not that there are any prospects, but I have a really positive feeling about my romantic future, and it's not the far future, if ya know what I mean. Nothing specific, just a feeling.
  5. Work progresses on RADZ. JD keeps sending me some of his best work every day. Jason is cranking out the world detail.
Oh yeah, and REQUIEM came back from Discmakers. They's gorgeous AND purdy. And the sound quality is really sweet. Me = happy. Those who are interested can buy it online at DigStation currently, and it should be filtering onto iTunes and Amazon in short order. As soon as CD Baby gets caught up with their new inventory and lists the album, you'll be able to order a physical CD online. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Gilda's Club. I sent some to Randy in California, and he was blown away.

Hey Bro,

I’ve been sitting here with the headphones on listening to Requiem (got them today), second time through. It sounds fucking amazing man! I am really pleased at the quality of this piece of work. You need to pat yourself on the back for bringing this all together and making such a beautiful piece for Sam. I am so proud of you Bro. I will get a disk over to the radio station ( program director next week and see if we can get some California airplay. You were right about the case too, it is gorgeous. God I love that mix of Devil’s Lullaby. Well I better shut down and get to bed.

Love ya Bro,


That means the world to me - given Randy's association with And Tears Fell over 20 years, as our producer, manager and co-conspirator. That note right there made the project worthwhile.

May the blessings in our lives cancel out the negatives. Be well.


Anonymous said...

If it's going to be on CD Baby, will it also be on payplay? Just wondering...

tbone said...

Dunno. Is payplay affiliated with CDBaby? They provide a whole package for digitizing and selling the album in various formats in various e-stores. I know iTunes is in there, but not sure about payplay.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, love! Fantastic! About all the good stuff, I mean. M'yeah.

Yes, it's been a sucky week indeed. I've been trying to help with Michael's memorial stuff for next weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to give him a decent send-off.

Thinking about you a lot lately. 3 guesses why.

Miss you. Feel better!!:)


Anonymous said...

I think payplay is affiliated with CDBaby, because some of the bio/background notes mention CDBaby by name.