Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nothing's Sacred

I've been following the news about the Palo Alto Children's Theater (where Sam first met my shoes), and the investigation into alleged "financial irregularities" (the police won't get any more specific, although the investigation has been going on for months).

The theater was closed for about a week, but reopened on Monday after theater director Pat Briggs and assistant director Michael Litfin (two fixtures of Sam's and my adolescence) were placed on administrative leave by the City of Palo Alto.

Meanwhile, Michael is in Stanford Hospital with terminal stomach cancer, and is not looking too good at the moment.

This sucks.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, this is weighing kinda heavily on me. A violation of happier childhood memories perhaps. I'm very sorry about Michael especially. Love him or hate him, what an awful way to die.

Hugs to you, love. I can only imagine what all this might be dredging up in you. xxoo

tbone said...

Yeah, it's bringing up some stuff. I had some good times working tech on R&J, and some cute brunette held the ladder I was on when we put up the parachute awning in the outdoor theater...

Leia said...

I am about 10 classes from finishing up a degree at UVA and working on a paper on Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay, when I came across your blog. That was a couple of hours ago when I started reading.
As the mom of 2 young children, I feel for your loss and I pray that you and you family can draw on all that strength that stands out in your writing.

Reading your thoughts on your wife brought to mind, my favorite poem.
"I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love
I and my Annabel Lee"
Some go through their entire lives without a glimpse of that depth of feeling.
I wish you much happiness in 2008,

tbone said...

Leia, how interesting that you quoted Poe, as he is a favorite of mine, and Annabel Lee is my favorite of his poems due to how it mirrors my own experience. Thank you for stopping by and sharing that with me. :)

Be well!

KT said...

Dear Todd,
You probably don't remember me from Paly, but there I was. Samantha and I were in lots of shows together, and she is sorely missed. I am glad to see you hangin in so well. Your kids are gorgeous.

I was at the Memorial for Michael Litfin on Sunday, and I took a minute backstage to miss Sam. We always had a kind of 'good-natured-ribbing' kind of competitive relationship, which is really odd for me and possibly unique in my life. I was mostly shy and rarely ever competative, and always the odd one out, but I never felt shy around her. And talk about grins! Hers could power a humvee.

I am happy to know you guys found each other. I married a Paly '84 myself, my first date, Brian Christman. We have two girls.

I live around the corner from the Children's Theater, and would be glad to try and get you a program from the memorial if you want it.
Also, we are putting together an alumni directory over the next few months, where people can choose exactly which information is included.

All my best to you,
Katie(Long) Christman

tbone said...

Hi Katie! I sure do remember you, although I was closer with Alice because we were in classes together (and she dated Konrad for awhile).

Thank you for your kind words and your offer of the program. Please do include me in whatever alumni or remembrance materials you produce. You can email me at todd(at)deep7(dot)com.

All my best back to you.