Saturday, August 04, 2007

OA Box Art

Dan has the Ordinary Angels DVD ready to go - I just need to test it out. I spent a lot of today getting the box insert art done, and the Oklahoma! program burned to CD-ROM for the printer, and the load-in done at the theater, and taking the dog to the groomer, and then watching 300 in my mini movie theater at home with a couple friends and some beers.

300. Dang, that's a pretty movie, even as brutally violent as it is. There's something elegant and classical about it. It's just gorgeous. A friend of Raff's coined the term gore-nography to describe beautiful yet violent movies like 300 (or Pathfinder, another recent DVD release, which, despite a weak script, is another bloody gorgeous - and gorgeous bloody - film).


Rick Castello said...

(non sequitur comment - couldn't find an email link)
Hi! I'm Rick, a friend and neighbor of Michael Day - he pointed me at your site, said I'd dig it, since I'm into games, gaming, movies, and geekery. Thought I'd drop by and say hello!


Rick Castello said...

BTW - Love the idea at Deep7 for 1PG. Freakin' awesome. -Rick

Bug said...

The cover looks beautiful, T !!

I totally agree with you on 300 - just *beautiful*. As much as I really dislike so much violence and the fact that I didn't even want to see this film - I couldn't stop looking at the screen. It was SO gorgeous!


Brian said...

wish I could have been there ;-)

I want the Ordinary Angels DVD!