Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hell Week Cometh

Sorry for not posting at all since Saturday. This week was production week (or, traditionally, "hell week") on Oklahoma!, and as a stage parent and active member of Twelfth Night, I was there every night: helping balance the sound, helping build the set, running errands, watching Kayleigh follow in her mom's footsteps... you know, the usual stuff.

The show is shaping up nicely. The orchestra sounds great and we have the strongest crop of voices I think the organization has ever had all at once. We've got about a dozen miked actors, thanks to the EIGHT additional wireless mics the organization recently purchased. There is a working windmill (made from a heavily modified ceiling fan), a shingled farmhouse, and over thirty actors singing, dancing and fighting. I've done very little professional theater, but I've done community theater where the quality improved when actors and techs were paid. And even though nobody is getting paid, this is still some of the best community theater I've ever seen, much less been involved with. Sam made a good call when she threw in with this little arts organization, with their summer show staged in a church sanctuary. Now, as we enter our 13th season, even though the changes and improvements to our production values are obvious, the same homegrown community spirit pervades.

I'm hoping to post some photos that Ron (as the official photographer) took during the last 2 dress rehearsals.

Opening night tonight - good show, Kayleigh & cast! You can say "good show", btw. THAT isn't bad luck. :)


Stacy said...

I'll second that. Good show!!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout great show?