Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What a weekend.

Had a bunch of out-of-state friends and family come into town over the weekend. My old Sierra cohort and screenwriting partner Mack crashed on our sofa for the weekend, and generally made his monkeyboy self useful. We had the OA wrap party/screening on Saturday, and despite some "live theater", it was a big success. And let me just say that Sally makes the best carrot sheet cake in the history of carrot sheet cake. Afterward, I picked up the kids from Norwescon (which they attended with Gav & Michelle), and we met Sam's folks for dinner at Elliott Bay. Came home and crashed out at 9:30PM.

Easter Sunday was spent at Sam's brother's house up in Kirkland with Sam's folks once again. Lovely brunch, lovely peoples, lovely home. Headed back and hosted a visit from Beth & Chris, which was really fun. Hans joined us and we took the whole group down to Pegasus for dinner. Then back to the homestead for a marathon geekfest of Amazing Screw-On Head, The Specials and Free Enterprise.

I thought Monday would be more relaxing, but no. Lots of catch-up work, followed by dinner at the Swell with Hans, Ron, Mike, Allan & Theresa. Followed by Hans arriving at the house later, and us watching Clerks II and a couple episodes of Extras.

Between the beer, the food and the running around, I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been backed over by Truckasaurus. Kayleigh was feeling under the weather as well. So it's been a sedate recovery day full of vitamin C, rest and me watching the first disc of The Shield season 5.

Not a total loss. ;)

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