Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ordinary Nitpicks

Productive day! Had a dynamite cardio workout at the gym. Finally got out to the storage unit and grabbed a few boxes of Red Dwarf RPG to send to the consolidator, paid the storage bill. Grabbed dinner at the deli and a sale copy of Flushed Away at Target. We recently got it in our Netflix batch and loved it so much I had to seek out a copy for the collection.

Because of the Aardman connection, this is easily the best Dreamworks animated film so far. Aardman can compete with Pixar characters, story and shtick. Dreamworks' efforts thus far, while some were admittedly impressive, have never been able to touch the overall quality of a Pixar animated film on the aforementioned merits of characters, story AND shtick (all at once). Plenty of adult-savvy gags too, so not just for the kids.

Received a screening copy of Natt's animated short in the mail - just in time! Dan brought over a test burn of the Ordinary Angels screening DVD, and we watched it on the projector. Looked and sounded great all big and wide on the screen, despite a few technical issues which are being addressed before the final screening burn. Also showed Dan The Amazing Screw On Head, which is brilliant, speaking of animation.

I am burning the screening DVD of the Ordinary Angels BTS Reel (behind-the-scenes = BTS) as we speak, and am looking forward to finally meeting with Jason Parker tomorrow (he had the wrong week in his planner). Checking off the to-do list... feels good.

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