Friday, February 09, 2007

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Three to four hours sleep a night for the past week + boxes of Sam's stuff + heavy Gilda's session + food poisoning from the taqueria across from the PolyClinic = a crazy night of dreams.

Crazy. I haven't had food poisoning in a long time, which is really amazing considering how much I eat out. Hell, I never got this sick eating Mexican food in MEXICO. After the crampy back-and-forth to stink up my bathroom for a couple hours, I collapsed in bed at 11PM, which is a huge achievement, considering my pillow hasn't seen me before 2 or 3AM for the past week. And boy did I ever dream. A cast of thousands. Family, friends, Sam. I don't even remember what they were about, specifically. Except one bit where the dead husband of one of my Gilda's friends told me to "tell Jeanne I'll see her in Guatemala." Ordinarily, this would be one of those dream non sequiturs, however she's just bought property in Guatemala and is relocating there. So that's interesting.

I didn't wake until NPR erupted from my alarm clock at 7AM. Eight solid hours, but I feel like I've been run over by an incontinent elephant. Perhaps it's the residual burrito bacteria. Perhaps I was working overtime on the astral plane. Perhaps both. I'm taking it easy today, remastering audio and trying to get my strength back for a commercial shoot tomorrow. Fortunately I don't have to direct, just operate the camera. Huzzah.

The kids want to celebrate Sam's birthday on Sunday, so we'll get a cake and do that. Which is fine. If it were just me, I'd drink a bottle of red and pass out on the sofa.

Speaking of the Cardigans (wha??), I love this song and video. They are incredibly underrated.

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Anonymous said...

Great video! Kind of feel that squeeze myself sometimes!

Hope you're feeling better and that you get through the day okay -
: )