Wednesday, February 07, 2007


RestorX brought the last of the boxes today. I couldn't bear to make another maze in my downstairs, so I had them stack them against the house in the carport.

Sam's clothes are in about 5 or 6 of them. Her pajamas still smell like chemo.

In another uncanny twist, a box from my bro Randy in CA arrived this morning - a bunch of archive DVDs with our old music on them. Sam's and mine. Stuff that I lost in the fire, stuff that I'd not heard in more than 10 years. Happier times. It's good to have this distraction because I don't want to face the boxes of Sam's stuff right now.

Sam's would-be 40th birthday is coming up on Sunday, then the 1 year marker of the Great Valentine's Day Fire of Old Westwood Town, then my dad's would-be 63rd birthday.

So, I pretty much hate February now, just on principle.

Tra la la.

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