Monday, January 29, 2007

The Things We Do For Our Kids

For once, Tyler actually wanted to go see a movie as a family. I figured, "Hey! That doesn't happen very often - what a great thing this is!"

So he picked Epic Movie. (Cue wah-wah trombone.)

OK, I was somewhat entertained. It made me chuckle in parts, and it made me squirm in others. Some of the shtick was so lowbrow my shins were sore when it was over. It's like a 90-minute version of a MAD TV sketch gone horribly awry. But I guess it's aimed at Tyler and his peers, so what did I expect? Oddly enough, when the lights came up, Tyler remarked, "That was like a really long Flash movie," referring to the copius amount of hastily drawn and animated random comedy 'toons made with Flash and floating around the interwebs.

I cleansed my palette by watching Waiting..., which came in this week's crop of Netflix. Which was like gargling with toilet water to get the taste of toilet water out of my mouth. Actually it was better than that... I like Mac guy and Blade 3 guy and The Office guy. And Dane Cook is amusing as a pierced and tribally-inked cook. And the lovely and talented Jordan Ladd is always a treat. The script is okay overall, but the basic premise that a bunch of restaurant staff actually hang out together 24/7 is a bit odd. I know when I worked in food service, you could not PAY me to hang out with my coworkers. And when Sam worked as a hostess at Lyon's, she couldn't WAIT to get home every night.

Anyway... super psyched about the Deep Mosey thing. And Scott from Autumn's Grey Solace answered my email, saying that they were interested in licensing Cold Sea for the opening credits of OA. The sound editor is coming by this afternoon to finalize some stuff. We're counting down.

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