Friday, September 01, 2006

House Progress

I promised to put some photos of the house up for viewing, and I finally located my camera's USB cable. So here are a bunch, going back to the drywall phase and including the more recent paint and some flooring. In this case, the slate-textured vinyl that is in the downstairs hallway and the upstairs halfbath. The cabinets are birch with a fawn maple finish, and the countertops are a dark black/gray slate-textured laminate.

The rest of the pics are in a set on flickr.


Neko Wafer said...

SWEET! Dood, we're so crashing your place when we're up for SakuraCon! :D (j/k :) ) Your color choices are wonderful, and I love Kayleigh's and Tyler's rooms.

Bug said...


WOW!! I wanted to say that I'm so jealous, but that sounded wrong and insensative, so I'll just comment on how AMAZING the place looks!

The colors are GORGEOUS - very warm and invinting. And the peaked ceilings are a great touch. Bet you feel a little shorter with them so high. ;)

Congrats, sweetie, you deserve it all. I bet you can't wait for it to be done. When's the housewarming??