Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Samantha Downing - A Life Abridged


Bug said...

It makes me cry seeing it again. I'm glad you are able to share this with everyone. You've done her very, VERY proud.


tbone said...

Thanks, Lynnae. I figured I should get this stuff up on YouTube and be able to share it.

Be well!

b said...


Found your blog through Ali's links.

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful wife.

Am crying now.

-b (a fellow widow to a high school sweetheart)

tbone said...

Thanks, b. I checked out your blog and I gotta say - congrats! Sounds like you've found a real winner with your new guy!

Right on. Gives one hope for the future. :)

Thanks for checking in!


Ali said...

Great tribute. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

TD, I am not sure how to respond...it makes my heart hurt to watch it. It also makes me hope that I'm impacting someone's life the way she did YOURS (and all of ours in her own way). Does that make sense? I've got to go hug my kids now...SMack

jam delcambre said...

I can't even think of a proper comment to leave...i am so profoundly affected by this compilation..

thank you...


tbone said...

You're welcome, Jam. I checked out your MySpace blog and am sorry to hear about your MIL's cancer diagnosis.

It's never fair and it never seems to make any sense, but it's a situation (and a fight) I know well. Feel free to email if you ever need to vent to a veteran of the cancer culture.

Be well,

Neko Wafer said...

Beautiful! :D

Cyn said...

What a wonderful tribute to Sam.

Michele T. said...

This was just beautiful Todd, thanks so much for sharing it with us all. Having only known Sam through email it was especially touching to see the moving images of her.

Michele (Sept97 Mom)

5xBlessed said...

Another S97 friend checking in. This is beautiful and it was great to see so many pictures and video of Sam. Thank you for sharing it with us.