Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Forget the Wicked... I Get No Rest, Period.

Crashed hard at 10:30 last night. Woke up at 2:30AM, my mind racing. Took care of some email and surfed the web a bit, but never got back to sleep.

Tyler's meds were out, and the doctor's office had neglected to tell me his prescription was waiting yesterday, as promised. So I drove Kayleigh to school, swung by the doctor's office, picked up the scrip, drove back across W. Seattle to the pharmacy, dropped the scrip off.

Went to Target, picked up a floor lamp for the master bedroom, a mission-style entry bench and a beanbag chair for K's room.

Went back to the pharmacy, picked up T's meds. They won't let him go to school without them.

Got home to discover that due to the shift in my medical insurance (I'm now off the state DSHS coverage and on an individual Regence Blue Shield plan), the pharmacy had replaced his normal meds with a generic. It should work fine in theory, but I kept him home today to be sure.

Went across the street to unload the Target stuff at the house, and happened to run into the inspector, who required a few little tweks to be made, but otherwise approved the house for residence. We can start moving in any time.


In reality, the painters still have some touch-up and trim work to finish before I will want to move any furniture, children or hairy animals in. But we are go for launch as soon as those things are done (and can start moving boxes any time).

I'm exhausted. Better grab a nap before I have to get K from school, take her to her dance class, pick her up early from dance class, and get to rehearsal.

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Neko Wafer said...

Yikes! G and I send you hugs! So do the kitties!