Friday, September 08, 2006

Almost Home

Well, it looks like we may be able to start moving our stuff into the house next week. There are still little bits here and there to be done: glass cabinet doors, the built-ins in the family room & office, that kind of thing. But all the major stuff has been taken care of.

Sure, there were some setbacks, like communication problems with the subs, and the carpet guys having to re-do the staircase, and the tile guy smoking on-site, and some things being ordered and not arriving on time (or not at all), but such is construction. All that aside, we're actually ahead of schedule.

Huzzah & hurrah. I started a whole new set of Flickr photos for you to enjoy. Enjoy.


b said...

Looks great! Love the color choices!

Ali said...

Looking good! What a relief it'll be for you to be back in your own house.


Bill said...

Congratulations on nearly having your house back again. It looks brand new, as it should. I really like the way the kitchen has the same design, but new in every way.