Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Last Day

The kids have their last day of school today, and everyone exclaims, "wow - I didn't think anyone was still in school... my kids have been out since March and we've already been to the Bahamas for two weeks!" We didn't even have any snow days this year, so whaddupwidat?

Tyler and Kayleigh decided to walk down to QFC yesterday and use their own money to buy snacks. I agreed, using the following points of logic:

  1. They are 8 & 12, and know how to cross streets properly
  2. QFC is a block away and the only street they need to cross has a giant crosswalk & lights
  3. I was walking 2 miles with my buddy Josh from our street to Deer Park in Aptos when we were 10 (a very different time, but still...)
  4. Sam & I have raised the kids on the concept that "snacks" means apple slices or granola bars, not donuts and Pringles
So they trotted off to QFC... and returned with donuts and Pringles, and soda and candy. It was like a processed sugar orgy of Roman proportions. But rather than step in to regulate, I let them have their binge, knowing full well what would happen.

Skip ahead, to 2:15 AM, and I'm sitting on the kids' bedroom floor in my underwear, scrubbing Tyler's vomit out of the carpet while he goes back to sleep, and Kayleigh groans, "I will never eat junk food again."

It was a lesson learned the hard way, for both of them. And even as I sat scrubbing purple puke from cream-colored carpet in the wee hours, I got some perverse satisfaction that they were learning an important concept about health and moderation without me drilling it into their brains. It was the ultimate feeling of parental I Told You So without resorting to saying it aloud.

Of course, Tyler was absolutely impossible to drag out the door this morning, and ended up getting his games taken away for the second day in a row (and on the last day of school - bummer). Honestly, I don't know how someone can end up being so choosy about friggin' track pants.

Sigh. Apple slices and granola bars, anyone?


Bug said...

OMG! You are a brave soldier. I think we all learn parenting skills from people around us and this one I'm totally keeping in the back of my mind for future reference. Do you guys have fun summer plans and how is the workout going?

tbone said...

Glad my purple puke scrubbing can be instructional to others. :)

We have way too many summer plans. I'm not crazy about everything we're trying to pack in there, but this too shall pass.

The workout is going very well! I do an hour of cardio at least 3x a week, and upper body at least 2x a week. The goal is to get in and do cardio every day, but I'm not always able to, so I'm averaging 3 to 5x a week. Also taking a men's multivitamin from GNC and Green Tea extract. The net result is I'm slimming down more than I ever was with less cardio and more weights. Yaaaay!

Good to hear from you! I keep checking your blog, but you need to do some more regular updates! ;)

Neko Wafer said...

It's a smart parent who lets their kids learn their own lesson. It'll stick with 'em! Purple barf is a small price to pay. :)

Ali said...

I'm an advocate of 'consequences' parenting, even though at times it's a tough road (eg 2am carpet scrubbing).

Ali - munching on a red delicious apple while I type.

Cyn said...

Natural consequences. Hard to watch our kids learn that way, especially when it means they are puking in the middle of the night (why can't they ever puke at, oh, say 8:30 p.m., and in the toilet?).

Glad the kids made it through their last day of school - I was wondering if they were done yet.

We need a Kayleigh update for the S97 moms... if you feel up to sending one. And we're planning a reunion for next summer - possibly in New Mexico. I'll keep you posted about plans as they get made.

Cindy D.