Wednesday, March 08, 2006

...And Breathe.

I suppose I should post something since it's been almost a week. Friday was fortunately the last day I had to don the yellow Tychem suit and dig through ash for identifying portions of my old life. Thank heavens - that stuff wears on your soul, and you smell like a barbecue gone wrong besides.

Mad props to Titan Games, who sent a thoughtful box of geekery (including a limited edition D&D Player's Guide for Tyler). Also to ACD Distribution who sent a box of awesome board games and goodies. Thanks to Ken Whitman at RapidPOD for his offer of assistance. Thanks to my buddy Gordon in Oregon, formerly one-half of the experimental band Mozart Air Raid, for his offer to help rebuild my music collection.

I also want to give a special thanks to Dave Alpern, who runs the John Steakly fan site. I've known Dave for about 6 or 7 years (although we have never met f2f). He writes the Balancing Act column for GamerDad. Anyway, Dave knows I'm a fan of John Steakley's 2nd novel, Vampire$ (which is not to be confused with that terrible film "adaptation" John Carpenter made of it). He also knew that my trade paperback copy (as well as 2 other standard novel-sized copies) were consumed by fire. So since he was just at an event with Steakley, he sent me a new trade paperback copy of Vampire$ with a very nice personalized dedication by The Man himself.

We're still receiving help from various church groups, industry organizations, fellow game publishers, schools... it's so heartening to be lifted up by our fellow human beings after the trauma of loss. I know I can't remember everyone to thank all at once, so be patient as I throw in a few here and there as I go. Just know we appreciate your help.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of rebuilding the music, and if you promise not to tell your old friend MH (he'll be mad!), I have Jazz Butcher's Bloody Nonsense on vinyl...I think the only reason your sister and I loved it so much was because your posse introduced us to it! I might have Marillion (Misplaced Childhood) too. If you would like either of those, they are yours!!

Lots of love and good thoughts,