Friday, November 18, 2005

Hit the Road

We're prepping for a road trip to California, the kids and I. Spending Thanksgiving week visiting family and friends. This is long overdue.

I will have the laptop along and may be able to post during next week, but have patience if you don't see anything. There will be a full report when we get back!

Have a wonderful, joyous holiday. This will be a strange one without Sam and my dad around. I expect we'll get through it, but it will be strange nonetheless.

Off to bed - much to do in the morning.


LL Cool P said...

Happy Turkey to all the Downings! The holidays the first year are always a bitch, so know I'm sending you guys lots of love. Sorry we're crossing paths in NorCal, and hope to see you soon.

P.S. Will you email me when you have a sec and tell me how to set up the anti-spam word verification thingy on comments? Thanky kindly!

Neko Wafer said...

Safe journey, and hope to see youse guys!