Friday, August 12, 2005

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping....

Apologies to Steve Miller. It just seems the week has flown by. We've watched apprioximately three metric assloads of movies, eaten far too much and drunk more beer than I think I ever drank in college. It's been a blast. Andrew is a lot of fun and a good conversationalist, despite my having to ask for repeats due to his lost voice.

Last night, I made Andrew watch Free Enterprise, and Darlene came over in the middle. Just as we were finishing up, Caleb and Jonas arrived. Showed Darlene some of the Will Ferrell DVD, then she went home and the guys chatted until 2:AM.

So Andrew has eaten at some of the fine restaurants West Seattle has to offer, and has seen Alki at sunset. Last night he accompanied us to a pizza party hosted by Camp Erin, the weekend camp my kids will be attending this month. It focuses on the kids' grief from losing a parent or sibling. This week has been kinda hard for me in that regard. As much fun as I've been having, I really miss Sam and wish she could have been here for Andrew's visit.

Today, we're grabbing an afternoon ferry to Bainbridge Island and heading over to the winery. Hopefully be back at a reasonable hour and go over to JD's place for a little birthday party for Steve. Tomorrow, Andrew is back on the plane for Old Blighty. Hopefully I'll be hooking up with my old pal Dave Beach and his family, who are in town for less than happy reasons (a friend just lost a newborn baby). On that same tangent, a good friend of the family just died. She had the same kind of cancer my dad had. In fact, she'd been fighting longer than he had, longer than Sam too. As my brother said in his blog, just knock it the fuck off.

I've pretty much played hooky from rehearsal all week. I'll go back Sunday night, just in time for hell week. We open the show one week from yesterday. I plan to devote Sunday to finishing the playbill layout. Didn't have the bandwidth to do a banner this year. Oh well...

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Rod said...

The Steve Miller reference sent me off looking for an old post.

"Father do the best that he can..."