Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last Impetus

I finished the last of the final Impetus CD tonight. Triskelle is the third in a trilogy; there will be no more Impetus after this. Where the first 2 albums were a way for me to deal with the plight of my wife and father, this one is definitely all about the aftermath. It's a bit angry, sullen, mysterious and scary at times, merging my penchant for big beat with acoustic guitars and synth pads. I even sampled a vocal riff from our old And Tears Fell track, Chamber of Light, so Sam could have a vocal on one piece, Long Road Home.

I'm proud of the work, but moreso of myself for finishing it. It's a huge catharsis, and as painful as pouring rubbing alcohol in a deep cut. I'll finish mastering tomorrow.

Impetus - Triskelle
1. Everlasting
2. Aquarian Eyes
3. We Made a World
4. November Kiss
5. Stay
6. Embrace
7. Last Touch
8. Long Road Home
9. Skin Hunger
10. Another Time
11. Haunted

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