Monday, July 11, 2005

There is Truth... the old adage that two can live as cheaply as one, and in some cases, more cheaply. Case in point, I just called to update Geico on Samantha's demise, because they were supposed to have taken her off back in April, but she's still showing up on the policy. I guess it's handy if she ever wants to take a ghostly spin in the old Sable.

So apparently, because we were married, had a safe record with no accidents or tickets, we were given a special "married" rate. Apparently, I'm now much more likely to drive unsafely with my kids in the car because I'm single.

Excuse me, but how does that make ANY sense?? You know, I didn't want to stop being married. I didn't ask to suddenly be single. But a spouse's death doesn't always work into your long-term plans when it's convenient. Why should I be paying a higher rate because my wife is suddenly gone (and she wasn't even driving most of the time for the past 2 years)? Why am I at a higher risk when I have the same safe driving record I've always had? Why is it more expensive to cover half as many drivers on the policy? And furthermore, why should I be penalized even more for losing my wife?? I thought that was the fucking penalty.

Bah. Thanks, Geico (and your chirpy telephone customer service lady). Nice one.


LL Cool P said...

Insurance of any kind is a fucking racket. Health insurance, especially (as I'm sure you must know), is just a scam run by a bunch of greedy bastards.


P.S. I'm more of a writer than an actress these days, so next time you update links... Or not, it's all good.

tbone said...

Updated, you multi-talented woman, you.

Neko Wafer said...

Ah, yes - you've discovered the magic that is the Brainless Blood-Sucking Leech o' Insurance.