Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stupid Knee...

Okay, so for the last three months or so of Sam's life, there was a lot of lifting. Lifting to help her into and out of bed, lifting to get her into and out of the car, lifting to get her onto and off the toilet, etc. Just lots of lifting. Lots of kneeling and squatting too. And of course, everyone tells you to "lift with the knees". The net result was that I blew out my left knee really badly, and the right only moderately badly. When I went in for the massage yesterday, I had Michelle give some extra attention to the left, since it's usually the rebel. Well last night I was putting Kayleigh to bed, and suddenly... snap-crackle-pop. Right knee out of alignment. Usually between acupuncture and my chiropractor, my knees are well cared for and never go out. But recently I have been lax in getting to either, so that will have to change. Need to get walking again too.

Picked up my sister at the airport - she and my niece had a blast in CA. Went to dinner and out for Husky ice cream. Just put them on the road home. This pic is from Christmas 1990, the year Sam & I were married. I love it because my brother, sister and I are all goofing off, and Sam is the only one who really looks good. Also, our clothes are so very 1980s.

Hey! I received a care package of tunes from Andrew in England - thanks matey!

If Caleb hangs out tonight I think I will show him The Quick and the Dead - classic Raimi, way underrated and mostly misunderstood (as more than a few of his films are).

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