Friday, July 08, 2005

Other Pieces

I met with Mary Springer yesterday, a good friend of the family and artistic director of Twelfth Night Productions, the West Seattle theater group with which Sam was affiliated. Great meeting - very encouraging re: opportunities to work with the organization in Sam's memory and on new material. I dropped by rehearsal last night to snap a few pics of their eponymous fiddler to trace in Flash and add to the poster design. It's not finished, but this is the basic beastie. I'm trying something different with use of negative space as the focus - it reminds me a lot of the poster art of the Nouveau period with a bit of Alice Woodward building German expressionist sets. Uhhhh.... okay.

I'm taking my sister and niece to the airport this morning. Then Tyler has his appointment with the naturopath. Gonna try to get him off the Adderall. The doc has a boy Tyler's age with ADHD and they got him off Adderall too - so my hopes are high. He went without his meds one day last week, and reminded me exactly why he's on them. Holy Jeebus.

Katherine got us tickets for the Seattle Symphony's music of Bugs Bunny concert tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Also have The Seventh Seal and The Prophecy to show Caleb. Then Sunday we have lunch with my mom, stepdad, and some old family friends from California before they jet home. After that, I'm meeting with Sally Dagna, one of the producers on Duo. Looks like a full weekend, and I didn't have to much of the actual planning.

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