Friday, May 16, 2008

Stand or Fall

I wanna thank my high school broadbuddy (that's a "girlfriend" like chicks have "girlfriends", literally a platonic friend who is a girl) Beth for the wonderful guffaw that is the icanhascheezburger pic right here. Probably only history geeks like me get the humor in that, but I don't care. That is teh funneh, as the kids say...

True to my word, I've been playing my massive '80s music collection at work this morning. And when this came up in the playlist, I decided to go check out the music video on YouTube, as I'd never seen it back in the day (which, as Dane Cook is quick to point out, was a Wednesday).

Well bugger me with a fish fork. It's a perfect specimen of early '80s MTV concept videos, complete with Cy Curnin sporting the same hairstyle I had in about '83, wearing the white pants (oh GAWD, the white pants), featuring a white peace flag, a white horse, and a tank.

'Cause you know, if I ever went into combat, the first guys I'd call for backup would be an '80s new wave band.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how The Fixx takes me back. I never thought I'd feel old at 33 but somehow, the music just rubs that right in!
BTW, for the record, I've been enjoying all of your rapid-fire updates. Daily blogging is a good outlet (hint, hint).
Sounds like the kidlets are enjoying pushing Daddy-o's buttons a bit too. Come on, SUMMER!

Raechelle said...

Oh, the poor horsey. Why does he keep falling down?

It makes sad.

tbone said...

Well Tyler will probably be spending a good deal of summer in summer school trying to pass the 8th grade. So he's not really gonna get a lot of summer to himself. Kayleigh is gonna do the Twelfth Night show (which this summer is the Gershwin musical "Crazy For You"), so that means I'll be a stage parent, as well as doing the poster and program design again.

And Raechelle, since the video is from the Cold War, I'd assume the horsey is falling down 'cuzza the Communists. 'Cause the Commies loved to make horseys fall down. A lot.

I got nothin'.