Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prolific AND Handy

What's up with the multiple posts?? My friends will have a hell of a time catching up. Well, at least it's better than too few posts, and that will happen when Duo goes into production. For the time being, I can afford to be a bit prolific in my blogging, especially since so much seems to be happening.

While Tyler and his buds were playing videogames on the big screen, I finished the job I started yesterday by attacking the yard with the mower. West Seattle is really the only neighborhood left with these big lots, a selling point when we originally bought the house. But as I've found, you pay for a large yard in sweat. There was a time when I hated to do yardwork. Now I don't mind so much. Gets me outdoors for a bit, works up an honest sweat, and greatly improves the look and functionality of my property.

Our lot is about 9200sf, and the house footprint only takes up 1100sf of that. Most of the rest, dear readers, is yard. Front, back, side. Muchas grassy-ass. Fortunately, I had the testosterone-laden soundtrack of the workout playlist on my phone, which sure as hell beats the drone of the mower. Kayleigh also came outside with her mp3 device, so we were at least somewhat present in the same space, if not on the same aural bandwidth.

When I was done, I grabbed a mandatory shower and did cake with the birthday boy (good Lord, I'm now the father of a 14 year old), his friends Miles & Philip, and Kayleigh. I should really say they did cake and I was present for it. I haven't been eating much the past few days, and what I have eaten has found a way to rebel against my GI tract. I don't think it's a bug. Might be stress induced.

Anyway, the party disbanded and I was able to grab a quick nap (after being awakened at 4:30 AM by another dream and killing time until I had to take Gavin & Michelle to the airport at 6:30). Got up, played some guitar. Kayleigh wants to record some more, and has requested to do a cover of "Forest of Dreams", our first ATF single. While that's all very well and good, the song was originally composed on the piano, and I'd never really arranged a guitar version. So once that was sorted out, it sounded smooth. When she was done practicing "Forest of Dreams", I strummed out a few covers of euro-folk favorites, including this, and this. Which reminds me, I need to replace this CD which died a horrible fiery death back in February 2006, and is in fact one of my Desert Island Discs. The arrangement of "Forbidden Colours" on this album is far more emotionally intense than the original, composed as the theme for the film Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Sent a ping out to a couple local musicians to gauge interest in composing some original music for the Duo soundtrack. Both responded very favorably. I love the stuff Brian Chase has already composed, and will definitely use it, but I want to replace some of the older, non-Brian tracks with some new stuff specifically written for the film. That way, most everything will be Duo-specific (which is this close to being an oxymoron). One of the two musicians approached was the one and only Kyle Stevens, who much impressed me during his live acoustic set with Gigi Edgley at ECC.

* * *

Just got back from Tyler's birthday dinner at Elliott Bay Brew Pub. I managed a salad and half a chicken gyro, but barely touched the fries (and even that is making me a bit crampy). Tyler and Miles went nuts with the seafood, and Kayleigh stuck with her old standby, chicken tenders. Came home to find a seedless watermelon from Darlene & James, and Mike Berg called in a childcare favor, so I'm gonna have four kids here tonight. I have meetings all day tomorrow. I think a screening of Tombstone is in order. Only one of the best American films ever made. But then I really don't have an opinion or anything.


Anonymous said...

I'd say Tyler had a good birthday :) I'd also say that your yard is thanking you for all your hard work! You didn't look too traumatized.
I'm quite enjoying the multiple posts, as I said. I've only been reading for a little while but it's nice to hear your "voice".
Hope you survived your houseful of kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Voice? I read the blog and IM with TD so much I forget the man isn't completely mute. ;)

Happy Birthday, TD the other!

Anonymous said...'s a voice of sorts!
Seems to work for him :)

Dan Heinrich said...

What the #$@*% are you talking about? Tombstone is a fun little movie but one of the best American movies ever made? How high are you? I think we need to see your list of best American movies to determine if committal is necessary.

tbone said...

Dude. Let me count the ways. Cosmatos at the top of his game. Kilmer = the best Doc Holiday EVER. Russell, Paxton and Elliott actually look related and have great chemistry (and give probably their best performances). Booth, Biehn and Haden Church at their most vile. Billy Bob Thornton getting bitch-slapped. Billy Zane, Dana Delaney and Jason Priestly in completely atypical roles and ace them. Charlton Fucking Heston. Wyatt Earp III. The DP who shot Bullitt. The screenwriter who wrote Glory. Great score by Bruce Broughton. The most historically accurate portrayal of the OK Corral confrontation and feud ever put on film (including stellar costume design and art direction).

Who's high now, laughing boy? ;)

Dan Heinrich said...

Sigh.... Look we could get into a discussion - which you would lose - about the merits of the film. Kilmer is fantastic and the best part of the movie is the friendsip between him and Kurt Russell. Delaney aces nothing and there is no spark between her and Russell. Heston stands around for one scene as Heston and makes a nice little NRA speech. Good showdown at OK, nice fight between Kilmer and Biehn. Some really cheesy dialogue ("...and hell's coming with me!!!"). The movie is good. But there is no way you can call it one of the best American movies EVER. Better than which classic? Kane, Casablanca, Waterfront, His Girl Friday, The Apartment, Godfather, Apocalypse, Star Wars, Badlands, MASH, Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Raiders... how many is that? 13? Off the top of my head! It is not even Kurt Russell's best - he is better in both Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing. Higher than than high, you is.

tbone said...

Oh, so you wanna do this? It's ON. It's on like Donkey Kong! First off, I think it's one of the best (if not THE best) Val Kilmer film performance (although I really liked his cameo in The Missing). Secondly I will grant you that Delaney wasn't Oscar caliber, but she pulled off a perfectly believable Josephine Marcus, and I disagree that she and Kurt Russell had no chemistry. I maintain their connection was subtle and appropriate for the period. And speaking of which, being the history geek I am, Tombstone gets big points for its accuracy in production design.

Would you have been happier if I'd qualified it as "one of the best American WESTERNS"? 'Cause I'd still put it up alongside The Professionals, The Searchers, The Magnificent Seven and anything John Ford, Howard Hawks, Sergio Leone or Clint Eastwood have done.

tbone said...

See folks? Reading my blog can be entertaining AND educational, especially when the film geeks weigh in. :)

Dan Heinrich said...

Yes, actually, I would be happier if you qualified it... though I still think you are making a pretty bold statement, though my knowledge of westerns is nowhere near as geeky as yours so I will not argue the point. Except to say Silverdao, while not as well crafted a movie, is more fun to watch. In any case there is a huge difference between best American movie and best American western. So thank you for conceding the point. Even after you said it was on like Donky Kong.

tbone said...

Very graceful, Dan. You found a way to imply victory while acknowledging my western kung fu is greater. ;)

It's okay, folks. We're really married.