Friday, May 02, 2008

Oh, and Stuff...

Yesterday was Beltaine, the ancient fertility festival of my people. So it was appropriate that my stepmom came over to work in the garden, planting a variety of vegetables, flowers and various seeds. At dinner, she related that she'd talked to her friend who runs a farm in Oregon, and one of the ewes had given birth to twin lambs (both ewes). Since she breeds the females, that's an auspicious omen of plenty for the coming seasons.

I just got an email from Samantha's mom, telling us that her paternal grandmother just died. She was the last in Sam's family of that generation.

And the cycle continues...


Anonymous said...

That it does. Condolences, friend. But with the turning over of leaves, one finds new sprouts. :)

[psst,I happened to notice you posted in time for pi(e)...] heh heh

Anonymous said...

I was having a related conversation with my grandfather yesterday (he's from Ireland) about times of year that were important to his grandparents, and horticulture as well (he's very into gardening).
I'm sorry to hear about Sam's grandmother. I know that we can't all live forever but there's something so rich about having our elders with us.
I hope you have a peaceful weekend.