Sunday, May 04, 2008

I got my STIFFY

Get your head out of the gutter, you gutter head. I'm talking about the award presented to all official selections at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Apparently Ordinary Angels had the "Best Use of Lincoln Park". I guess not a whole lot of movies shot in West Seattle include Mexican standoffs between angels and fallen, break the fourth wall with in-character testimonials and feature celestial executions. Go figure. And the fact that the festival has a policy of "every film chosen wins something", somewhat like the Special Olympics, is strangely appropriate.

Anyhoo, they are screening OA at the Jewel Box Theater (one of the first moving picture screening halls in Seattle), which is part of the Rendezvous restaurant in the Belltown neighborhood. It's also where The Addict, Behind Closed Doors and Rectify will screen. Here's the schedule:

  • The Addict (Friend of Bill Award) - Sat, 6/7 @ 6:15PM
  • Rectify (Best Dialogue) - Sat, 6/7 @ 6:15PM (looks like they're running Dan's films in a block together)
  • Ordinary Angels (Best Use of Lincoln Park) - Sun, 6/8 @ 1:30PM (after church, come see angels using profanity and killing each other!)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Law and Order Award) - Wed, 6/11 @ 6:15PM

If you're in the greater Puget Sound area and want to see some great independent cinema, you gotta come check out this festival!

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Meh. Seen it.


Have a fabulous STIFFy, love. You soooo deserve it!!