Friday, May 09, 2008

Congrats, Old Friend

I just want to take a moment to congratulate my buddy Konrad on his wedding tomorrow. He waited a long time, and found the right girl for him, and I wish them much happiness in their new life together. I would be there, but for an earlier commitment to release the RADZ book at ECC and otherwise lack of airfare funds. All my love, respect and joy on your special day. Watch the mail, bro. And yeah, I still think you look like a young Toshiro Mifune. Take it!

In other news, the RADZ books came back from the printer yesterday. The covers look great, the guts could be better, but they're salable. JD is happy, and I feel like I've redeemed myself in some fashion for the earlier shelving of the game when Sam died. It's now a tangible property and can fly on its own. Can I get an "amen"?


Mack said...


TigereyeSal said...

Amen from up here, too. Good job on getting it out, Todd.


Mark said...

AMEN! Now, where do I score me a copy?

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, amen and AMEN!

Anonymous said...

I'm still getting up to speed on the blogging thing so I didn't even know about this post 'til I got back from my honeymoon! So thanks for the kudos and the Project DVD...looking forward to checking it out.

Congrats on all your exciting personal & work developments...will stay tuned.