Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Parade of Perfection

By no means do I mean me by that. I refer to the seemingly endless parade of perfect souls the Universe puts in front of me. Creative, thoughtful, wonderful human beings. Human beings that I know are going to be important in my life, or I in theirs. It's really cool to be attuned to that again. My "celestial radar" has returned.

I went to visit the tae kwon do studio of a friend of Producer Dan's. She's a real dynamo - went to the same acting school as Trish & Dan, degree in television production, was Janine Turner's stunt double on Northern Exposure, has run Lee's Martial Arts Academy in West Seattle for decades (a place I've passed on the order of thousands of times). She's offered the use of some of her studio space for auditions and shoots, and I was there to check it out. Nowhere else in Seattle could we find 3000sf of easily dressable open studio space for the price.

Heard from the top secret actress regarding the top secret short, and we've set up a production meeting when she's here for Emerald City in a couple weeks, planning out every detail face to face with Dan, rather than trying to cram the shoot in there as well (and we're way behind deadline for the SAG paperwork anyway). I told her about Duo and about the OA series, and she asked about an audition. Well duh. I would totally cast her in the OA series.

The RADZ book got a big thumbs up from Mark Bruno, one of the originators of the project. Just waiting on the index and we can get to press.

My stepdad just had lap band surgery. He is okay, but they kept him an extra day until he met all of the criteria for release.

12 days and counting to the big four-oh, which I'm gonna start calling "the big four-oh-my-god".

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Anonymous said...

I imagine, as I head closer to the 4-0, that I'll be feeling very much the same. Or...maybe I'll just hold steady at my 33 :P
Hope things continue to move along smoothly with you and yours. Sounds like you're in a good place right now.