Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Deathtrap, Week 2

Our stunt guy came in last night to rough out the fight scenes in Deathtrap, and ended up pretty much locking everything in. He's amazing. Apparently there's some crossover with several of the troupe members as well as the fact that he knows Aaron Washington from his day job (they both work in social services).

The kids are off this week for "midwinter break", which I certainly don't remember having as a kid, but whatever. We're taking it easy, although I'm still working in the office.

Really tired today. The flu and Seasonal Affective Disorder have been stalking the countryside like two giant stalking things. So far, I've survived one bout of the flu, and have no desire to catch a mutated variant. One of my actors was out last night with a 101-degree fever, so it's lots of prevention this week. Vitamins, green tea, orange juice, plenty of water.

Getting the Deathtrap posters & postcards back today. I got the proofs from Mary last night and they look great. A cropped down version of the graphic is on the Twelfth Night website.

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