Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Post of 2008

Well, the holidays were a mixed bag. Mostly good, with occasional showers of melancholy. Recently watched The Holiday with Kayleigh, and of course we both identified with Jude Law's character - the widowed dad with two kids trying to find an identity that wasn't necessarily "daddy" or "Mr. Napkin Head". As saccharin as a lot of that script was, I totally got his character. Like him or not, Law does an amazing job making even the most mundane material come alive. And Eli Wallach is STILL amazing.

I guess the big news is that And Tears Fell - REQUIEM is finished. Once Muriel sends me her recent headshot for inclusion in the CD art, it's off to the replicator. I did a couple test burns of the master on Tuesday, and the second one sounded perfect. It feels good to check that project off the list, especially as a tribute that's taken 3 years to produce. Here you go, Sam. The music we made together, aged and remade with love, by people you loved. I'm not 100% happy with my vocals, but I realize it's more about the honesty and the message than the technical perfection. Fortunately, Muriel sings on most of it.

I'm going digipak format (almost totally cardboard CD case), as it's more eco-friendly, containing 60% less plastic than traditional jewel cases. The same folks who did the Ordinary Angels DVD run will handle this CD run for me.

Duo is pretty much in preproduction at this point. I've put producers Sally and Dan together, and things seemed to click, so that's good. Speaking of Dans, OA editor Dan Humphrey just shot his new short, starring Eric Riedmann - can't wait to see it! I think I am going to have to put the top secret short on hold until Deathtrap closes in April. That should still give us enough time to edit and get it done before Emerald City on the weekend of May 10th.

Prepping Deathtrap. Schedule is done, already have my set designer working on the design of the Breuhl study. This will be fun.

I've decided to postpone my trip to Scotland until summer 2009, given that we may well be in the midst of Duo production in summer '08. Besides most tours need to be booked several months in advance. This will give us a bit more time to plan.

Hitting the ground running in 2008...


Mack said...

congrats on buttoning up the CD project and all the momentum on your other stuff. you humble me, man. i wish i could produce and output as much as you do. hopefully this will be my year to catch up.


Dan said...

Congrats from me as well. That was a huge project and I can only imagine how much of you has gone into it. Thanks for plugging Rectify. Riedmann has outdone himself on this one. VERRRRY creepy and absolutely perfect.