Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thanks and apologies to Stan Lee.

There are occasional moments of absolute clarity in life, if one is open to receiving them. Monday morning, although I'd not had a lot of sleep, I awoke filled with an indescribable sensation of creative potential. Total confidence in my abilities and my new path. It seemed as though finishing the Requiem CD was another step in getting my muse back. A huge step. In a sense, a memorial project is an obligation - a creative obligation, but an obligation nonetheless. It was an obligation I constructed for myself; Sam did not require it of me. I committed to that memorial out of my own heart - a want or need to honor her memory and contribution to the musical collective unconscious.

And it feels wonderful to let it go. Like, "there it is - it can sink or swim on its own - it doesn't need me anymore..." And I know Sam is grooving to it already, on whichever spiritual plane she currently resides. And honestly, that was the primary reason for doing it.

Tyler has been referred to the Swedish Hospital sleep study center for evaluation. We should hear from them soon. Counseling went well yesterday. Joe is starting to work more with the kids on their grief "stuff". I told him to focus on them, as I have a plethora of outlets for mine. Did I just say "plethora"?

The top-secret short film project with the well-known genre actress has become a top-secret short film project AND a music video. Still figuring out to get that done in a very compact amount of time.

Helping my erstwhile writing partner Mack with the development of a TV pilot. It's a really good concept. Meanwhile I've enlisted game designer and freelance writer Jason Sinclair to help finish the RADZ game. JD and I decided to go graphic novel format for the finished book, and have found what appears to be a really great POD house specializing in comics.

And of course, Duo is being scheduled and budgeted for financing.

Exciting times. I'm exhausted, but learning to just calmly release to the muse and let it flow, and that brings a lot of energy back to me. A mysterious feedback loop of creative force.

Glowing brightly...


Mack said...

And this erstwhile writing partner appreciates the help.

Lucy Leadskin said...

W00T! Go Jace!