Monday, December 17, 2007

As Promised...

Wow, it's been a couple weeks without a proper post. Let's see if I can get caught up on everything for my loyal lurkers.

So we read a local actor for the part of Steve in the Duo film. We're not even technically in preproduction yet, but the executive producer feels having the principal cast attached when we pitch to the funders will be an asset to the project. Already, Eric Riedmann and Trish Loyd from Ordinary Angels have signed on as JD and Liz, respectively. We have Angela DiFiore, Khanh Doan and Jeremiah Peisert all returning from Samantha's original cast.

So we had Devielle Johnson come in and read opposite three other actors. He'd not worked with Eric Riedmann, but Eric is kind of from the whole OA alumni thing, and we've worked together a couple times. Khanh was from the old cast and we've been friends since the original casting process in late 2004, but have not yet worked together. Incidentally, she is in an indie feature called Simply FOBulous, which stars Steven Liu from Ordinary Angels. And Trish played the Dying Woman (Sam, for all intents and purposes) in OA, and she, Devielle and Dan Heinrich are all from the same acting school in Seattle. See how the strands of the web connect? Pay attention. There will be a quiz later.

For coming in cold and reading opposite two actors he had never met and one with whom he was very familiar, he did very well. I offered him the part a few days later, and he accepted. So we have our primary cast in place, and a selection of supporting parts to cast. Fortunately, doing a project with so many speaking roles like OA means that I now have a database of really great talent I can have read for parts without either party having to go through an open casting call. I know it's incestuous and "closed", but it worked for Orson Welles and the Mercury Players, and if I ever can't find the right actor through either my own network of those of my film friends, I will do another open call. I just prefer to avoid them when I can. It's uncomfortable.

Generally having issues with Tyler and his motivation, and there is a pending re-evaluation with the counseling service (probably after the holidays). I won't go into detail in this forum as I feel that Tyler's privacy is his own, so I will only lay out how his situation affects me as his parent. Needless to say, the last few weeks have been incredibly challenging, but we're sticking through it, trying to pull together as a family. The new counselor is pretty good. I have high hopes for continued success with the kids.

Today was a major victory, in that BOTH kids got up and got to school on time! I don't think that's happened at all in the last two weeks. It's the last week of school before the holiday break, so keeping Tyler's motivation up is a big challenge. For Kayleigh, school is all about the social aspect, so she's good - just a bit cranky this morning.

Anyway, the tree went up awhile ago - looks pretty good. Sam's brother Doug will be hanging with the Downing clan this year for Christmas, so I'm psyched about that. Did I just say "psyched"? That's rad.

I also got a few prints from JD & Alison's wedding:

Pretty cool.

The next week is going to be filled with cleaning, work, and trying to finish my Christmas shopping in the most frugal way possible, as things are really tight this month.

I predict another few posts before then, but if not, Happy Holidays everyone!


Ali said...

This solo parenting thing is damn hard isn't it? And teenagers are so easy to parent - when they're not yours! Rem's best friend has trouble getting herself to school too. It's a tough problem. I hope you and Tyler can find some solutions. Hang in there.


Lynnae said...

Do you ever slow down?? :)

Wishing you and the kids a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

PS: *LOVE* the pics of you and K. at the wedding. Beautiful.

tbone said...

I don't think it's in my nature to slow down, L. And thanks for the compliment! ;)

Ali, thanks again for backing me up. I will be posting a discovery I recently made on Tyler's condition. Hopefully we can get this addressed.