Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stuff & Jazz

I haven't posted this week due to the sheer amount of stuff going on professionally. Still writing like crazy, and in pre-pre-production on Duo. Went to the screening of Behind Closed Doors on Friday night, and was pleasantly surprised to find that even folks who didn't actually know me, knew of me via Ordinary Angels, and that the film has a very good reputation. I gladhanded for awhile and thoroughly enjoyed the BCD film itself. It also afforded me a look at my Duo producer Dan in his element. These are good people. Talented people. And I'm really glad I fell in with them.

Tyler has had some challenges this week, but it's not anything I really want to go into in public at this time. Everyone is safe and sound, and we're going to family counseling starting tomorrow. That's a huge step forward. And he was an absolute angel today. I'm taking him to the Dino 3D Imax film at the Pacific Science Center on Saturday with his best friend.

Had my parent/teacher conference with Kayleigh's teacher today, and she's doing great! No concerns with her, except for keeping her at a high enough level to remain interested and engaged in the class.

We had dinner with Sam's folks on Sunday night. Too short a visit, but the kids need their school night structure.

I'm also continuing to see the woman I briefly mentioned previously, and she's coming out to the house tomorrow for dinner and "meet the kids". The rationale is thus: we've been "going out" for almost a month, and have determined that even if we don't work out romantically, we can remain friends - certainly not a hollow promise, as I have a very good track record in that department. So I feel okay with opening that particular door, and the kids are excited to meet her too.

Finally, I thought I'd share the following short film. It's a Flash animated webtoon I wrote & directed when I was art director at Hyperbole Studios during the dot-com boom. Listen closely and you can hear me do several of the voices. Our managers Greg and Halle also pitched in on the voice talent, and my bro Steve did all the art assets that I then animated (as well as doing his share of voices!). Enjoy!


go_go yubari said...

Too funny - thanks for the giggle. I had guessed the other characters, but you had me thrown with Luke...who knew you could really do hillybilly :-) BTW, I laughed extra hard with chewbacca doing the pig in the background (that WAS a pig, right?)

tbone said...

Dude, Chewie is doing LEIA. So wrong... and yet, pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

I loved all the "use the force" variations - they had me slappin my knee like a hambone, that's fer sher.