Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Six Bullets

  • Saturday: had a brunch date, saw Elizabeth - The Golden Age (and despite it being a shamelessly pro-England propaganda piece, found it extremely well done, a satisfying sequel to the first Elizabeth film). We went out to coffee afterwards.
  • Sunday: hung out with the kids, watched movies, did projects.
  • Monday: got a ton of work done, especially on the currently top-secret collaboration with a well-known actor whose name I cannot yet reveal. I'm diggin' the concept.
  • Today: FINALLY got my car back from the dealership - took it in two weeks ago to get the driver's side seatbelt fixed and ended up with a whole new SRS harness... all the airbags, all the pre-tensioned belts, all replaced. Gotta love that warranty!
  • While the Kia was in the shop, the dealership didn't have any extra loaner cars, so they put me in an Enterprise rental. Unfortunately the first car (a 2007 Taurus) was a piece of crap, so after a couple days I switched out at the West Seattle location into a 2008 Monte Carlo coupe. I don't think I'd ever own one, but it was definitely preferable to the Taurus! Nonetheless, I now have my Sportage back, and I'm a happy man!
  • Several of my peeps are in plays around town, so I think I have a lot of theater to go see in the next week.


Mack said...

Good luck with your projects, Monkey Boy!

tbone said...

Same to you, El Wray.

DarthJim Scott4th said...

I hated the first film because I saw it as shameless anti-Catholic propoganda. But naturally I'M gonna think that.:-)


tbone said...

Haha - then I certainly won't recommend LUTHER with Joseph Fiennes for your viewing. :)

- TD

Andrew K said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of english propaganda now and again! Makes a change from the usual anti-british sentiments on the big screen.

Actually I've never got round to seeing Elizabeth, so recorded it last night as it was on 4. Fancy seeing Elizabeth II now ;-)