Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Sh**, There We Were...

Well, suck. We had one of those "we'll look back on it later and laugh" moments last night at the Comic Stop screening of OA. I promoted it, the shop promoted it (both on the front page of their website and on their MySpace page), and they'd had customers asking about it and phone calls asking about it for days. Kayleigh and I spent two hours setting up the back room for the screening.

Dennis (Lucifer), Natasha (Eloa), Aaron (Cadmiel) and Oliver (Child) showed, Dan (Editor/Assoc. Producer) showed, Oliver's family showed, and Brian (friend and associate) showed. No one else showed. Granted, the wether was crappy and Seattle was setting records for multiple-car accidents, so maybe it's to be expected... maybe it was just a crappy time to hold a screening.

On the upside, I got to hang out with Kayleigh, have dinner with her, chat. That's always good. And I got to see some of my actors again, which is always fun for me. I also hadn't seen Dan in over a month I think. So it was a nice reunion. We're looking at holding a mini-film fest at Emerald City Comicon in May, and will assemble our actors again for a better-targeted experience.

I've decided I'll hold off on the posting about Planet Terror until I've watched Death Proof as well. This Friday for movie night I will screen something family friendly first, and then show Planet Terror after the kids go off downstairs to play games. That's usually how it works. Pizza and one flick, then they get bored and go amuse themselves with games and various creative projects. Which is great, really, because I get daddy/kid time, and I also get Todd/adult-friends time.

Kayleigh has been discovering her dad's life through the films of John Hughes. Last week it was Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or An Analog for Todd's Senior Year in High School. She's already seen The Breakfast Club, or The Time Todd Got Caught Having a Ferris Bueller Day Off and Got Sent to Saturday School. This week it will be She's Having a Baby, or Todd & Sam Get Married and Begin Adult Life. It's really spooky how John Hughes and Cameron Crowe really nailed my life - how they captured the essence of the post-Boomer generation. Case in point: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (written by Crowe, directed by Amy Heckerling) - came out in 1982, the summer before my freshman year in high school. The Breakfast Club (written & directed by Hughes) - came out in 1985, junior year. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (written & directed by Hughes) - came out in 1986, senior year. She's Having a Baby (written & directed by Hughes) - came out in 1988, forecasting the life of Todd & Sam by 2 to 4 years. Say Anything (written & directed by Crowe) - came out in 1989, recalling the life of Todd & Sam 3 or 4 years previous. Singles (written & directed by Crowe) - came out in 1992, just after we moved to Seattle, capturing the essence of being a twentysomething creative type in the Emerald City. I guess they've just had an eye for the zeitgeist.

Anyway, back to the morning grind. Gotta drop Kayleigh at school and Elvis at the vet. Then back to work writing.

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Andrew K said...

I'd love to hear what you think of Death Proof, eventually. It's an interesting beast, for sure, and there were certain points I felt a guilty, base thrill for enjoying it. It also has one of the most gruesome scenes in cinema in it too ... ick.

We've not had Planet Terror over here yet, so will have to reserve judgement on that for now.