Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lost City of Atlanta

Short post tonight. I'm all packed and ready for Dragon*Con. The Ordinary Angels DVDs arrived today (2 days early - can't praise the quality and service of DiscMakers enough!), and they are beautiful. The on-disc printing and the jacket and insert look amazing. Posters arrive next week after I'm back. I will post a big announcement when we're all set up on FilmBaby and anyone who's interested can order a copy.

Kayleigh doesn't want me to go, of course. It's only 2 days since they've been home. Fortunately, Uncle Gavin, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Sara, Grandma Kit and cousin Zadra will all be staying and/or rotating through - so they will have plenty of supervision and family companionship! I tried to tell K that a lot of dads travel far more than I do for their work, and I'll only be gone 3 days and a few hours (and promised to bring her back something from the convention). Some personal emails will also help.

I will check in often from the convention/festival and let you know of any interesting developments... but now, to bed.



Anonymous said...

Cool! We used DiscMakers for our South 11th Street CD... we were really happy with them too. Great news!

Paul from Mute Angst Envy

Anonymous said...

Enjoy DragonCon and your trip :)

Cyn said...

Have a great trip!